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Had a jam session with Russell tonight. Vinny and Dave couldn’t make it, so it was back to being a duo. Russell believes in travelling light, so only brought a melodica and a small keyboard with him in his backpack. Probably the highlight of the evening was our attempt at Piazza, New York Catcher by […]

A child falling from a concrete walkway; the oranges he was carrying rolling away on the road below. A bunch of exhausted construction workers bitch and moan in the minivan on the way to the site. A local fixer, pressurising a granny to sell up her house for development, accepts tea and denies the primary […]

Today’s main lesson is that Mill Hill is a real place, not just a trap disguised as an unlikely branch of the northern line. Mill Hill Broadway station is one of the least beautiful in London. Its entrance is beneath the M1 motorway, whereas the similarly grim Hendon station sits alongside it. I was in […]

My feet and the robot train from the future took me to the museum of London docklands today. The museum is housed in one of the few remaining 18th century warehouses, which would once have been filled with rum and sugar from the West Indies, as this is West India Quay and it was build […]

I am dicking around with garage band so here’s a Magnetic Fields cover. This song brings back many memories. Of Coney Island in spring, of singing in a living room in Stoke Newington. Well. Two memories, at least. The images on the video are half of Stockport in 1972 and half of Derby and Skegness […]

I was in Skegness alone for half an hour. It was early evening; the wind was up and the shops were closing. No-one was checking in at the Quorn hotel, and the last lady in Wilko’s had nearly finished her stock check. The chip shops of chip shop alley were closed for the season. Pool […]